Sunday, June 14, 2009

picnic @ jacob ballas children’s garden

ytd, we had our first ever picnic… yup, my first, joelle’s first and megan’s first picnic ever! the girls (joelle and babes) planned to have an outing and finally decided on picnicking at the jacob ballas, which is in the botanic garden…

met with joey at yew tee to hike a cab together… we somehow missed the turn to jacob ballas and ended up at the botanic garden at 4:51pm… 


when we finally found out how to get to the jacob ballas, we realised its going to be a looong walk…


nevertheless, lets get it started… oh ya, megan gotten a pimple on her forehead… hmmm, it actually look like an insect bite thou…

IMG_3574 IMG_3582 

LET’s GO!!!





after a really looong walk… up and down slopes… we finally reached the jacob ballas children garden… my goodness, can i just call it JBCG for short?

anyway, while waiting for joanne and lycia, we took a rest at the JBCG entrance and found this odd-looking tree sculpture…


oddly enuff, it has a name… and oddly called mystree… hmmm, 500 figurines wor… okie, lets count… anyway, there’s too many to count, by the time i got to 3, joanne and lycia arrives!



and here we are, our first ever picnic! never tot of myself being a picnicky guy, but then, things change when you have a child… haha…

IMG_3605 IMG_3608

we had a great spread and joanne had shown us what can be done if you put in a little effort… ok, actually, its too much an effort she put in… considering the fact that the rest of us just buy food off the shelves, joanne prepared this lunch box for the babies… look! micky and minie bread!


car car bread! with wheels!


dog dog bread!


elephant and fishes! psst, i think joey was enjoying herself when she started to devour the elephant by “i’m eating the elephant’s trunk” (in case you don’t know whose joey, look at the last pict)


of course, not to forget, joelle’s 拿手好菜...


and the fun continues… all of us enjoyed ourselves… and so did i, taking these shots of these wonderful kids…

here’s gabby…

IMG_3616 IMG_3640

IMG_3667 IMG_3668

i guess gabby really enjoyed herself!



here’s lycia…

IMG_3618 IMG_3642

IMG_3644 IMG_3652



and of course, the familiar face to the visitors of this blog… our princess, megan… with a red dot… haha…

IMG_3671 IMG_3645

IMG_3659 IMG_3658



oh ya, somehow, it does occur to me the 3 of them gonna be good friends in the future… and then hor, how come megan keep eating non-stop?? haa…





last few shots to wrap things up…






had a great day out… hope to have more of these…

see! didn’t i just said, having a child changes everything… :P


  1. i want to bring my godson and fren's daughter there too ... is it very warm??

  2. its not really warm cuz we went there at late evening... but its still quite humid... so, tend to sweat quite a lot...

    the place isn't windy either, but that day, it rained before we went, so still quite ok... anyway, the kids going to run around, so definitely going to be sweaty anyway...

    btw, we can't actually picnic inside jacobs ballas garden. there is a signboard outside, but we didn't see it... until we finshed our food, then the guards came to tell us... and also, the park closes at 7pm, i think... :P

    nevertheless, its still a great place for kids... :)