Sunday, August 16, 2009

a boom bah performance and a noisy dinner

yesterday, we brought megan out for her first ever arts performance, the boom bah!… its an australian performance for kids, where a cat, pig, goat and rooster sings and dances… as usual, megan is the first to be ready.


zena and gabby are already there when we reached… oh ya, we’re not going there by ourselves, joanne and lycia, angie and nicky too…


it seems like only megan is interested in taking photo with the poster…

IMG_4451 IMG_4453

IMG_4455 IMG_4457

IMG_4465 IMG_4466

we were trying to get the kids to have a group photo before the show but they were all so excited… and soon, the performance starts… no photo, of course… but after the performance, they do have a little photo session… here’s mr.. pig..

IMG_4468 IMG_4470

and nicky is all so interested in mr pig’s trumpet…


next up, mr cat’s violin…

IMG_4473 IMG_4479

IMG_4474 IMG_4477

megan seems scared of this cat…



next up, miss goat’s drum…

 IMG_4488 IMG_4493

IMG_4498 IMG_4499

IMG_4500 IMG_4487



and … no time to head over to mr rooster as the ‘animals’ retreating to rest… so finally, the group photo… i can’t resist putting these 2 shots…



notice the difference? whats nicky doing in the first pict?

IMG_4513 IMG_4515

another group photo outside the arts centre (@ cairnhill)



then angie and nicky made a move as ah seng’s here to fetch them… so we headed over to isetan for our dinner at the dome… the 3 of them… while the wives deciding on dome or tcc, the 3 girls were happily jumping around while i’m totally lost at controlling them…


so as the saying goes, if you can’t stop them, join them… :P


finally decided on the dome… nope, these are not coffee, just plain water…







gabby bring along an evil barney book which later cause quite a stir when lycia also wanna read the book… as i was telling megan, barney is evil, hello kitty is not… haha…


here comes the food…

IMG_4573 IMG_4574

IMG_4575 IMG_4586

now, the girls may not be happy to share their barney, but sharing food is ok…


had a great weekend… the performance mah, its targeted at kids from 1 to 3, so can’t expect much… however, a good start to introduce arts to the kids, at least we know if megan will end up enjoying the show or crying. some kids were crying thru-out the whole show…


and i think that was the noisy nite dome ever encountered… haha…


ghee… why is my sore throat coming back again?

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