Tuesday, October 13, 2009

first of all,

my many many thanks to all friends who express their concern over joelle… we really appreciate your concern very much, we’ll take good care and be strong…

now we are getting everyone confused and worried… let’s flash back a little… back to early sept, joelle is already not feeling well, loss of appetite, keep feeling tired and nauseous… so, on the 10th of sept, we visited our family doc and took a little test…


2 years ago… the same doc, congrated us… and now, the same doc congrats us once more… yes, we’re expecting our second one… our respond was like…


nevertheless, we went to joelle’s gynae the next day and this is how our second one look like… can’t see much thou, but its already 0.30cm… next year, May… come to think about it, its really 老虎老鼠,傻傻分不清楚!


in the next few weeks till today and 5 minutes ago, joelle had been hit by morning sickness… puking and tiredness… hungry but no appetite… eat but vomit… this time, it is much more difficult than 2 years ago… and joelle had been taking MC and HL for the past 3 weeks, staying at home to rest… and me, had been worrying sick and having my energy level draining out dry… i’m beginning to look like this:

no wait, i am already looking like this!

and of course, i searched the whole web to find out how to prevent/avoid/cure joelle’s morning sickness… all don’t work lor… our cute gynae, doc adrian, can only tell us its like that one… oh well… as usual, he said “eat something, vomit something, at least still got something inside lor…” “babies are like parasites, mummy don’t eat also can grow one” “as usual lah, baby ok, mummy not ok lah…” “keep having salvia? no choice lah, like that one lah, got to keep spitting out lah, just make sure police don’t catch lor…”

and how right he is, in just 2 weeks, we are seeing head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes… ok lah, no knees and toes yet lah… but definitely tiny stubs developing into hands and legs… 2.24cm


thou the puking seems to get a little lesser, joelle’s starting to eat a little, mil is getting worried and wanted us to ask doc adrian to see if joelle need to go hospital for the drips… which helps one of joelle’s relative who also had bad morning sickness…

doc adrian wasn’t really encouraging but wasn’t discouraging either… so in the end, its still up to us to decide whether to go or not to go… and, we didn’t go… to me, i think its very demoralising to stay in hospital, so i’m kinda on the discouraging side… and we got our baby scanned in every visits… 3.34cm


and during the scan, joelle exclaimed “B, baby 的脚在踢!” and i was like “wow, 真的leh, 在踢wor!!!” thou in my mind, i was thinking to myself “kaoz, its doc adrian’s scanner moving around lah…” (haa, hope joelle don’t see this…)


so what about megan? of course we are telling her everyday that she is going to have a sibling soon… and until recently, she reached for joelle’s tummy when we ask her “baby where?”…

and her answer to everyone’s fav question to her “要弟弟还是妹妹?” and she would said “弟弟啊~~~”

and the most funny thing is… sometimes megan will look at joelle and mimic puking sounds…


once again, thanks to all… we’ll be strong!


  1. 恭喜恭喜 ...
    i'm sure she will be well!
    and the baby healthy! :)
    another cutie!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, dude! Next few months when the morning sickness goes away, then feed Joelle nice food lor. Looking forward to another cute baby from this factory! :D

  3. congrats, so happy to hear the good news! morning sickness is common and will go off after the 3rd month... i am also seeing dr A, he's such a funny doc... things will be find under his care...

    jia you joelle!
    take good resr.. :)

  4. bro! gong xi gong xi! u r fast man!

  5. wow u need to add another 'due date calculator' for the baby besides megan's age calculator.

    congratulations! new baby is so fortune to have joelle and u as parents.