Wednesday, April 28, 2010

melody’s arrival

today, we’re delivering melody, our 2nd girl… somehow, we’re the first today and need to be at the hospital by 6am… but, after an anxious sleepless nite, both of us failed to wake up on time and gotten there a little late… nevertheless, we’re still the first to go…




everything’s so so familiar as this is the second time we are going thru this… and yet, we’re more nervous or rather, more scared this time… maybe because we know what’s going to happen and hence, anticipate the thrill before even the real…


the only difference is… they’re giving me a different ‘space suit’… i then realised, back then when we’re delivering megan, i may have gotten the doctor’s suit and hence i looked like one of them… :P

and the thing about this jumper suit is, by being tall, when you pull the top to fit the head, everything down there get ride up… really tied…


anyway, here’s our lovely gynae, doctor adrian… he was drinking coffee reading newspaper in the staff room when i was shown to wait there… we exchange greetings and his main concern of the day “camera got battery bor??”…

anyway, i told him we’re sorry that we’re late today and as usual, his amusing reply goes “nevermind lah, we’re the first to go mah, let everyone else wait lor… no worries lah… got bring spare battery bor???”


and being first, being late, everything go super fast… few minutes after joelle got her epidural, she is being ‘cut open’, and few minutes after, i’m being shown into the operation theatre, few minutes after i sat on the chair beside joelle, doctor adrian already asking me to get the camera ready, and for the second time, he is showing us our baby…

welcome melody!


my first reaction to joelle was “怎么那么象megan!”


the difference is… melody is louder…

after some clearing and cleaning, we get to hold our melody for the very first time!


gosh… i really look alien…




next, we go for the weighing machine…


the ruler…


and melody’s hospital card thingy… its a girl! of course its a girl… haha…



did i mention melody is really loud?


she’s indeed loud…

but being more experienced, and more dared to carry a newborn, i hesitate no longer and pick up melody and of course, just like megan, melody first kiss is taken by me… wah haa haa!

and as i was camwhoring… i heard someone from behind saying “congrats…”, i turned and said thank you, and then i realised, i was talking to 黄碧仁! she’s delivering today??


after that, melody is pushed to the nursery room for more ‘touch ups’ and joelle is being pushed back to her ward… as like last time, the vomiting kicks in after the anesthesia wears off… no food no drinks for joelle… haiz…

and then, our princess is wheeled in to our ward, all ready for phototaking…


oh ya, forceps was used during the operation and hence, those ‘bruised’ marks on poor melody’s right cheek… must be dreadfully painful for her… if arriving to this cold world is bad enuff, arriving with a bruised cheek got to worst lor… no wonder melody is that pissed off and LOUD…




but she’s a strong girl… we’re sure the bruise will go off in no time… or at least, thats what the nurses told us… it better go off lor…


both extremely tired girls…


and yup, you know lah…

but, joelle was like “wah, 2nd time liao still 99 roses only?”

i pointed to the next bed and whisper “人家都没有 lor, mai kao bei lah…”


and the next interesting and highly anticipated event of the day… will there be clash of the titans tonight? oh well, megan is a little sticky to me as she realised my attention is wandering to her mum and her sis and the relatives around the ward… after much coaxing and pampering, we finally get the princesses to meet…

presenting to you, megan and melody…


megan sayang melody…


melody … errr … ahhhh at megan…


megan hug hug melody… everyone, 1,2,3, say AWwwww…


but after that, megan saw the little white spots on melody’s nose and backed off and said ‘eeeek’ pointing to melody’s nose… children…


and finally, melody opened up her little eyes to have a first glace at the haggered, black eyed, tired and wasted daddy… who haven’t sleep since 5am… and didn’t sleep well before 5am…


welcome to our family, little sweet melody… we love you…

sleep tight, rest well, its your first day!


  1. aww.. so sweet.. happy growing up melody! =)

  2. CONGRATS TO YOU AND JOELLE!!! And welcome your 2nd princess, Melody!!!! :D

  3. Gratz on melody's arrival! She's really a cute looking little angel. Such a wonderful thing to see a husband blogging about the birthstory! Rest well Joelle! Btw, the 99 roses bouquet is damn sweet lor!

  4. Congratulations!! Melody is so adorable!

    Yorr... so sweet, I didn't even get a flower my hubby lor when I delivered my boy after went thru the 11 hours labour!!

  5. Wow, congrats having such a beautiful baby girl^^

  6. Congrats!!! :D So so so happy for you!!! :D i had those mighty forceps on me too when i was born...XD

    Melody is so sweet~! And so is 大姐 Megan too!!! Sweet sweet sweet to the max!!

    黄碧仁!! Never ask her to take piccy?! XD

  7. Ermmm that's vernice... me... paiseh i logged into another acct forgotten to log out... ><

  8. hahha gong xi ni. tts so sweet. :)

  9. Joelle & kin fook congrats again. Joelle u are looking great & little Melody look so adorable. Take care... looking forward to more photos & stories
    your two lovely princess.