Friday, May 7, 2010

i want a card like this on father’s day

after 1 week, i’m back to office… and it ain’t easy returning to work after 1 week especially that 1 week isn’t easy for me either… anyway, father of 2 liao, whats there to complain? must bring bread home! keke…

anyway, this evening, megan came home from school with something for joelle… here it goes…


can’t tell? its actually her 2 cute little hand prints… print on what?


print on joelle’s mother’s day card…


and the wordings…


joelle said she almost tearing when she saw the words and i told her “ya ya, as if megan wrote it lor, she only put her hand prints lah”…

joelle replied “wait till its father’s day and she did this card for you then we see lor…”

come to think about it… its really touching hor? keke… and speaking of which, i worked late today and megan missed me and made joelle to call me… and megan goes “daddee…daddee…daddee…” in those super teh, super sad, super sainai sound of hers…

i told her “daddy work work, later come back ok?”

megan “i don’t want daddee work, i want daddee come here…”

sniff… ok, next topic…


melody! our little angel is growing and growing and i meant her growing appetite. and it was like 35ml and now, coming to 90ml… and joelle is vigorously bf and ebm for melody… one of the driving force is because melody latch on much better than megan… and of course, not to mention the sms i got from joelle saying her weight is going down… 






and the 2 little princesses of mine… so sweet and juicy… :P



  1. the card is really something sweet =)

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