Monday, September 20, 2010

Wake me up when September is over… part 1

woohoo, almost coming to a month since my last blog… and of course, besides no time to blog, what excuses can i find… but really, hope i could sleep thru the month of september, cuz its really not my month…

lotsa happenings in the month of september… lets go thru… part by part…


part 1. megan’s PTM (parent teacher meeting)

was actually looking forward to this meeting as we can get to understand from megan’s teachers about her progress in school… overall, megan is pretty much well liked by her teachers and classmates…

here’s some of the plus, highlighted by her observant teacher:

  • behavior/attitude/character
    • enthusiastic
    • curious
    • thoughtful
  • self help skills
    • wear her own shoes (except when daddy is fetching her from school)
    • eat by herself
    • brush her teeth
    • keep her things
    • toilet training
  • gross motor skills
    • maintains balance
    • good hand and eye coordination
  • fine motor skills
    • completes puzzles
    • control and hold crayons
    • manipulate small objects
  • social development
    • confident to speak
    • works well in group
    • concern with others

everything’s good so far… however, megan do has her flaws… now to the area of improvement…

  • need to improve
    • jealousy
    • control of emotions
    • impulsive reactions


JEALOUSY – megan started showing signs of jealousy when she’s very young when she shows disapproval when we carry other children or even when joelle and me hold hands. however, thats still concern mild cases only until melody’s arrival where megan started demanding attention when she realised her attention is now being shared…

there are cases when one of us started taking care of melody, megan would join in saying she wants the similar treatment… for example, when we carry a crying melody, megan would ask to be carried as well…

its not that we didn’t give megan attention, but then, its different now as she don’t get 100% of it anymore…

but, we’re very much relieve as megan still shower melody with love and concern as she would rush to melody’s cradle if she hears her crying… pulling tissue if she sees melody puking…

that jealousy part is a tough nut to crack… once, joelle was carrying melody with megan sitting beside her… then joelle realised the fan isn’t blowing at them and decided to shift a little to the direction of the fan, and megan asked “mummy, u dun want to sit with me ah?”… hmmm…


CONTROL OF EMOTIONS – i’m not saying megan is emotional but she sure know how to throw tantrums… she cry easily when she realised she couldn’t get things done her way, for example, refusing her afternoon nap and get scolding from me, and she would burst out crying… sometimes screaming…

however, she is really a smart one… sometimes, she would know her action will kanna from me, but she still continue doing it, occasionally peeking over my direction to confirm if her daddy is showing a disapproving face… or worst, an angry face, which she’s terrified of…


IMPULSIVE REACTIONS – i guess every kid throw things when they’re angry or unhappy bah… of course, if she does that at home, she’s getting big one from me…  haha…


that all aside, megan’s teachers put up a fantastically creative portfolio for megan… lets have the photos do the talking…


IMG_8289 IMG_8290

IMG_8291 IMG_8292

IMG_8293 IMG_8294

IMG_8295 IMG_8296

IMG_8297 IMG_8298

IMG_8299 IMG_8300

IMG_8302 IMG_8303

IMG_8304 IMG_8305

IMG_8306 IMG_8307

IMG_8308 IMG_8309

IMG_8310 IMG_8311

IMG_8312 IMG_8313

IMG_8314 IMG_8315


thank you, teachers of ado playhouse, for making megan’s learning experience be filled with joy and laughers… and i strongly believe, an enjoyable environment foster the best learning experience… :)


  1. "我以后想当建筑家" ???!!!!
    NNNNOOOOO!!!!! Wrong la wrong. You don't wanna her be like me - no life engr leh... Wrong career path! No more lego or building blocks! keke.. :P

  2. :) How nice... tho its never easy to be parent, it when you see the kid's progress and smile, everything is just so worth it...

  3. wow nice portfolio! so sweet of the centre! :D do all childcare centres do that?