Sunday, September 26, 2010

melody’s turn to turn

and yes, melody has learnt to turn… and she is so enjoying it that, if we stopped or prevented her turning, she gets angry… :P

here’s some shots we took of melody, proudly enjoying the view after turning… much better than always watching the ceiling… haha




here’s a little clip of melody turning… its always so cute to watch the little ones learning new things…

can’t help to look at then, when megan just learnt to turn…

and this was when megan decided to take it a step further…


kids, don’t they just make u smile with the slightest things they do… :)


  1. Aww aww aww! So adorable! Oh my, other than adorable and beautiful, I don't know what to say more! Aww aww so cute! *turn ah turn*

  2. Aww....Melody is really cute! She always brightens up my day whenever I see her~ *Huggies* xD