Sunday, October 10, 2010

biweekly snippets

i used to do weekly snippets post, summarising happenings over the whole week… now its biweekly snippets! had been quite a while since i last blogged… there’s always excuses for everything, right? for this, can only attribute to tiredness…

megan was down with flu 2 weeks ago and her cough is getting really bad. hence, last weekend, melody don’t came back home and joelle took melody to take refuge at her parents’ place. (after our first negligence that landed melody 3 days in hospital, we learnt our lesson, the hard way)

i’ll be alone with megan back at home… and the most life-threatening question raised by joelle was ‘how is megan’s meal going to be settled?’

that leave me clueless, cuz u all know hoe ‘well’ i can cook… and even a good cook can get extremely demoralised by megan, the fussy eater… BUT, thanks to joanne, whom inspired me to do lunch box for megan… at least its a snack in between meals (which most likely going to be tabao food)…

so… for sat, i prepared this…


and for sun, i prepared this…


in the end, joelle misses us so much after the first friday nite stay, the next day i brought megan over to reunite the whole family… and of course, megan’s meals were settled, so were mine… keke…

but of course, as megan’s coughing always get worst at nite, both of us went back home to sleep… whom puked at 4am that very nite after coughing in her sleep… arrgghh…


that aside, did i mentioned megan brought a microphone to school for her children day mini performance? oh ya, her school is celebrating children’s day, and every children is asked to perform something in school, and we couldn’t think of what to let megan perform but to do what she is ‘best’ at… no, i’m not referring to her proficiency in puking… her singing lah! these are taken off from her teacher’s facebook… :P



she must be singing something with lotsa feelings…


later i know from her teachers, megan is singing ‘mummy daddy. i love you’… come on everyone, say ‘awww…’!


now, since megan had won the battle with the flu bug, melody is finally returning home! and the sisters waste no time getting together for a shot… ok, its their daddy whom waste no time, getting them together for a shot… (hey, guess what? they were always wearing pink whenever they get together for a shot!)



megan decided she wanna be like her daddy, being the photographer and used a old damaged handphone to take melody’s photo… megan’s access to a working camera is temporary grounded ever since she… ok, refer to this yourself…



a few more pose for daddy…




and now, more of melody…







alrighty… ending this post now… i hope my next post dun have to wait this long… but then, being a parent of 2 makes having free time for anything else seems impossible…thou melody is not home most of the time, but settling megan during the weekends is already a challenge, let alone say, melody’s returning home on weekends… :P


  1. the snack you prepared looked enticing... reminds me of those cakes or desserts you see on display that looked delicious yet too pretty to be eaten! ;p


  2. OMG, Megan is so cute.. singing the daddy mummy song, the camera incident! haha..