Sunday, June 13, 2010

the m&m sisters…

namely megan and melody, the m&m sisters…

hadn’t got time to blog recently ever since my last post, that was like, 2 weeks ago… oh well, it definitely isn't easy being parents of two…

was chatting with joelle when the kids were sleeping, and joelle asked if we are great parents… i told her that we may not be the best parents but we’re definitely doing our best…

i meant, there are parents who have grandparents (sometimes both sides) to help them taking care of their babies, and hence allowing them to even have time for movies… and guess what? complaining they are tired…


as i was saying, we’re not the best parents… but our point of view is, we bring them here, and we’ll provide for them… after all, they’re just too cute to resist…





megan had proven herself to be a great helper these days…

1. she helped to bring tissue for melody when she puke milk

2. she helped to cradle melody

3. and the best of all, she helped to bottle feed melody!!!



amazing right? a little 2yo toddler helping out… but the fact is:

1. megan is all too happy to be asked to take tissue paper for melody… cuz after that, it seems like she is granted permission to do that ‘lets see how fast i can pull all the tissue paper out from the box’… :S

2. she was found cradling melody in rocket speed and was stopped just in time before melody’s head kanna the metal pole of her mobile cradle… :S

3. the bottle feeding? oh well, once melody was fed and put on her pinky chair… and i was talking to joelle at the kitchen and suddenly we saw megan gotten the empty milk bottle and started pushing it to melody’s mouth as thou feeding her… and melody happily opened her mouth lor… :S



being parent of 2 is really challenging and fun, you have to experience it to know it. afterall, they wouldn’t be babies forever, treasure the moment while you can before it all become just memories… but, its really really very tiring… :P


  1. Yes, it's really tiring to take care of kids.

  2. **foot print**
    Wah... very cute children..!!
    My niece is coming to this world soon on aug!! I can't wait for her to arrive..!
    Nanged and clicked on your adv.
    Do visit mine too! Thanks:)

  3. m&m reminds me of the chocs =)

  4. Cute M&Ms u have there. Melt in ur hearts, not ur mouth though XD

  5. They are very cute M&M sis..

  6. Hi, dropping by for the first time. Megan and Melody are such cute little angels. Love their names too. So sweet :)