Monday, June 21, 2010

when i got my father’s day card from megan,

my first impression was like… wow, its much much bigger than joelle’s mother’s day card!! kekeke… 

this evening, rushed back home after work, as usual to pick megan from her childcare… and this evening, she came to me from her childcare with a huge card on her hands…


and she was like, “daddy, you see…”


of course i see… cuz its such a huge A3 size card! and the huge card says i’m Grrrreat!


and of course, the first person i wanna show the card to is joelle… cuz i wanna show her how big mine card is as compared to hers… haha…


thot, when doing this, megan may not exactly know what it is for but after seeing what megan’s teacher wrote on the comm-book “… megan also did her father’s day craft independently…” i can actually visualise megan putting effort to color and sticking the color papers on the bear bear…

let me enjoy this moment as its afterall, my first father’s day card… :P


oh ya, joelle’s reaction? she says “haha, megan’s father day message to you is a bear, whole body full of plaster, just like the daddy…”


  1. haha.. i like the!
    totally suitable with the brown bear.. =P

  2. awww... that is so sweet.
    personally i've never celebrated father's day before but i hope u have a great one :D