Thursday, August 16, 2007

second day of ict

i'm back again from the 2nd day of my ict... today we did our stand-down parade rehersal for the whole day... omg, legs crampy from ytd's ippt, and after today, hand crampy... siao liao... tomolo got to reach camp by 6.30am, so got to meet campmate by 5.30am, so got to wake up at 5am... this is getting crazier... nvm, tomolo last day le...

oh ya, today we got our certification of apprieciation from our chief commanding officer. 让我 hao lian 一下吧... keke

顺便 show the medal we got last year... 再 hao lian 一下... :P

oh, i was talking about the no-more-ippt thingy eh? i was wrong... nb, even after this last ict, i still need to go for ippt until the m.r. (military reserve) letter come... and it wouldn't come if you didn't pass your ippt for this workyear lor... nbnb ahhh... nvm nvm, i'll train for it... starting next or next next week bah... oh, next week cannot, youhe's baby shower on next sat, so next next week then see how lah... keke

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