Monday, November 10, 2008

fubar and dbb

was freaking tired and i really meant FREAKING tired... went back office to work on sat morning 10am, and only managed to get home at sun 9pm... feeling so bloody fed up... whats with the shifting of people away from the main office and then decided to shift them back? whats with not wanting to rent additional office space and then decided to again? whats with renovating and then tear down again, then renovate again? all these changes in just a year or more making it almost seems like having indecisive people up there who just couldn't make up their mind... feeling tired and disappointed, wtf... i'm just too tired to continue writing about work, it just make me feeling even more tired and disappointed, and extremely FUBAR...

anyway, last friday nite, i was watching the tv till late... and with megan sleeping beside me and joelle sleeping on the sofa... and how soundly megan sleeps...

P1030092  P1030093

P1030108  P1030109

P1030106  P1030111

and then, comes the bloody sat morning where most of the whole world rests, we work... cw, der, tc and myself, went back office to work our ass off, and the whole MIS department is overstretched now... not to mention, joelle having to take care of megan while i work...

and while working, i called home to check out joelle and megan... they were at my in-laws' place... its impossible to take care of baby by oneself... after talking to joelle, she passed the phone over to megan to let her hear my voice. to our surprise, when joelle removed the handset from megan, she cried and wanting the handset back... this is the first time she is reacting this way, and there's 2 possibilities:

1. she wants to play with the handset

2. she misses her daddy

whata you think? poll your answer!

and it made me so home sick... making the matter worst, got bad news from joelle that megan is having mouth infection and runny nose... how badly i want to get home... and when i did managed to get to my in-laws' place, the first thing i did, is to check out megan's mouth, and it is really mouth infection lor... and megan, when she saw me, lifted up her hands as if wanting to be carried... of course i can't, i was so freaking filthy from the freaking 34 hours of work... and when she realised i'm not carrying her, she cries... no choice, i carried her... she stopped crying and begin 'talking' as she lean on my shoulder, as if complaining or pouring her heart out to me... everyone in the house exclaimed "aiyo, so yang-or leh..."

and this morning, we took megan to see her pd... and indeed, she is having mouth infection, probably due to her touching and putting things to her mouth... which means, our home is kinda dirty... due to the fact that i didn't clean up often enough... also due to the fact i'm too tired from work... see! its about the god damn work again... poor megan, sick again... and more medicine this time, and more money spent...

P1030150  P1030153

and because of work, i missed this shot joelle took... now i'm FUBAR and DBB...


* fubar: f**k up beyond any repair
* dbb: disappointed beyond belief

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