Sunday, November 23, 2008

toufu and fish

ytd morning, got megan all dressed, dolled, looking pretty and sweet, and all ready for...


her vaccination... while holding her number tag at the clinic, we're wondering whats going on in her little head, whether she realised she is going to get it today... :P


we're administering the rotavirus dose and the prevenar vaccine for megan... this is the 2nd and last dose of rotavirus for megan, which helps to fight against severe diarrhoea... and the 1st of the 4 vaccine of prevenar, which helps to fight against the pneumococcal disease (infection of the brain spreading from person to person in close contact, especially in childcare centers...)

we had our doubt about giving megan her prevenar shot... and so, seek doc adrain's advise today (as today is joelle's appointment with her gynae). he strongly advise us to give megan her shot, and to give her all the shot that prevent diseases that causes death in infants... he even had a case of a 6th month infant death due to the pneumococcal disease...

as vivid as he put it "go get all the vaccine lah, better than to kanna and then got to take leave to look after baby right? rotavirus? good good good, must give... don't think diarrhoea only hor... adults diarrhoea 3, 4 days still can eat cha kuay tiao, but baby 1 day only the eyes sunken liao..."

and so, megan 'ganna' her prevenar vaccine... 4 vaccinations each causing $143... and her last dose of rotavirus at $81... (daddy swallowing saliva...)

as the doc advised, the prevenar shot is kinda painful, and megan cried her heart out and after which, stared at the doc angrily... wow, so young, so attitude... haa... and off we went to long john for lunch...


went back home, and napped... and then, got ourselves ready to go orchard... today, we're having an early b'day celebration for my dad...



the orchard x-mas lightings are up! but its so boring nowadays... maybe because of the gloomy economy, all the lightings got kinda 'budgeted'... the herren, uses 6 wreaths and arranged them to look like a x-mas tree and that's all... kaoz... really budget lor... i think, i get more blink and fun with the x-mas decor at rachel's than this gloomy orchard road...


and taka is using the same ole big x-mas tree...


here we are, at the crystal jade at taka... nowadays, with megan able to sit up straight, high chairs are so handy... and we started to audit all the high chairs and found that, the high chair at mcd are so stupidly designed... baby can bend forward and hitting their head on the table... 


now... 我家最老跟我家最小... :)




P1030384 P1030386

P1030389 P1030391

a very full dinner... but halfway thru the dinner, while feeding megan fish and toufu, she suddenly looked choky and cried... scared the shit out of us, thinking that she is choking on fish bones... and while carrying her out of the restaurant, megan puked all over me... but she got better after that... she is just too full lah... phew... and ewww, all those toufu and fishy smell on me...

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