Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i can't hear you....

ytd, i was stuck in the lift at concourse for some 30 minutes and got a fright of my life... the fright, however, didn't come from being stuck in a lift, afterall i did jump out of a perfectly working airplane with a parachute during my army days...

anyway, back to the topic, i was frightened by how frightening other people can get... i boarded the lift at 11th floor and it was kinda loaded with mostly girls from the upper floors... and when the lift came to 2nd floor, it kinda jerked and a loud bang was heard... and the girls went chaotic (thank god the lights still on, else i can't imagine the mayhem it might cause).


1st fright factor
after like 10 minutes, the girls begin to complain stuffiness, which of course, it wouldn't get so bad if they didn't start talking and yelling at the comms...

> girl stuck at lift "help~~~ we are stuck in the lift!"
> technician at the comms "dun worry, we'll send someone over to help you"
> girl "WHEN?????"
>technician, after a short pause "... now lor..."

(i can tell you, if the lift ain't that cramp, i would have dropped to the floor... my goodness, still ask them when wor!)


2nd fright factor
and then, someone decided to take out her packet of tissue paper and started fanning herself with that plastically 'pik piak' sound... whats worst? the rest follow suite and the whole lift was full of "pik piak, pik piak, pik piak, pik piak..."


3rd fright factor
after another 10 minutes, i begin to hear the girls mumbling..
"so hot here" the air con is still working thou)
"so hungry"
"i'm so scared"
"i'm not going to take concourse lift anymore"
i almost faint at the last one... not going to take lift anymore? hello, you all were like working at higher than 11th floor wor...


4th fright factor
another 5 minutes, and they started discussing how come the lift got stuck... and one of them saw the notice that only 17 people allowed and there're 19 of us inside the lift... then another smart lady beside me rebuff that claim by saying "but even each of us is 50kg, the weight limit is still not exceeded leh"... i turned to look at the girls and i turned my head back... (i dun think each of them only 50 kg lor... btw, i'm facing the door, else i dun know how to hide my facial expression...)


5th fright factor
then we started to hear some voices outside the lift, and the girls begin screaming "help... we're inside!!!"... i think i'm going to suffer from semi-permanent deafness at the moment... and i tot it couldn't get worst...

> technician at the comms "hello hello, is the lift door opened?"
> all the girls "NOOOOOO....!!!!!"


ever wonder how it sounds like putting your ears next to an exploding bomb?
what? did you say something? i can't hear you....


  1. muahahahaha, that is soooo funny...

  2. LOL..so funny..With all that army training you couldn't help the poor girls?