Wednesday, November 12, 2008

joelle's bday...

today is joelle's b'day... as usual, nobody will want to work on their b'days, and so, we took a day off today... after sending megan to her nanny, and after having bfast at mcd, and after a short rest at home, off we went to our usual b'day meal...

it has been some kind of a 'tradition' for us... no present, just having time for each other... and time is something that is hard to find nowadays...

anyway, off we go...


joelle had been craving for dim sum these few days, so we definitely going for a dim sum buffet today... and its at chinatown... but before that, since we were early, we went over to the 佛牙寺... the buddha tooth relic temple... its a very modern temple with lifts and air-conditioning... and the whole temple is full of buddhas... wonder if anyone counts all of them... :P


and the main attraction... the 4th storey room thats full of gold... this is where the buddha tooth is kept... a chamber full of gold... can't take photo in the room, so gotten this pict from the temple's website... (see, its really modernised, got website wor!) 2 words to describe the chamber... blink blink!!


okie dokie... thats where our dim sum gonna be... yum cha... :9 more photos at ningmengnaicha... but gonna take some time... keke


a very nice lunch... think dinner no need to eat liao... :P


after that, we still got some time and decided to head over to 珍珠坊 to do some grocery shopping and we spent over $100 buying toothbrush, toothpaste, air-refreshioners, etc... spent alot but its really cheap over there wor... :P


and... finally we're home...

dear, a very happy b'day to you... i'm really glad and thankful to have you all these years and can't wait to keep growing old with you... (omg, 好肉麻哦)... thanks, for being the supportive wife, friend, partner, soulmate who's behind me all these years... hey look, from now on you don't have to look at my boring back while supporting me le, there is megan looking back at you!!!


happy birthday darling, and i love you very very very much... really very much!

oh ya, happy b'day to valerie too... sorry val, can't celebrate with you like last year... :P


and also happy b'day to 黄天霸的爸....

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  1. His name is 黄隽泓lor....

    Thanks for the wish though! :)