Monday, January 26, 2009

the chinese new year,

is here, as we just waved goodbye to the year of rat and welcomes the year of ox... last nite's reunion dinner is as usual (1st at my parents' place then joelle's), and megan is so very tired when we reached home late that she failed to wake up at her usual 7am this morning...


nevertheless, we still got to wake up and get ourselves ready to go 拜年... but before that, there is something very important we need to do... that is, megan's ang bao from us!



ever wonder why that ang bao is called 压岁钱? ok, after some 'researches', i found that 压岁钱 is actually the ang bao we give to elders, symbolising age suppression, whereby the elders dun grow older...

but, dun we want our kids to grow up?? so for kids, its actually called 压祟钱! the same pronunciation for  岁 & 祟, except 祟 is actually the name of a demon whom traumatise children in their sleep during cny eve... so, in order to protect the children, lights are switched on thru-out the nite, and kids are made to stay awake, also known as 守祟!

and in a story, in order for to let their kids to stay awake, parents give their kids a red packet filled with coins for them to play thru-out the nite, hence staying awake opening and closing the red packet of coins... and so, 压祟钱 to be given at cny eve... so my dad is correct when he always give us ang bao after reunion dinner!


and ever wonder why we need new cloths to wear during cny? cuz we wanna camwwhore!!! haha...





purple is the theme of the day... :P



and so, off we go...


while adults chatted, something caught megan's attention... her fav, or rather, the only cny goodies she can eat is kueh bulu, also my fav! :P


finally got a shot of joelle's mum with joelle and megan...


a loooong day for us, especially megan who missed most of her naps... but i dun think she mind, cuz it pays to miss her naps... :P


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