Sunday, January 18, 2009

phoebe's full month celebration

went to phoebe's full month celebration this afternoon, and took lotsa photos... enjoy the picts...


lotsa balloons at the buffet... come to think about it, megan's full month celebration got no balloons wor... hmmm, will get some for her 1st b'day celebration then...


my fav red eggs... today no 'form', only ate 3... usually i take more than 5... keke...


can't resist the temptation, to hold a newborn... almost forgotten how megan used to be when she was only a month old... just like phoebe, so little and so fragile... so cute and so sweet...


the star of the day, sleeping pretty little phoebe...



IMG_1121 IMG_1122




all the girls posting for a group photo...



IMG_1132 IMG_1141

it's so difficult to get megan to pose a shot with phoebe... cuz, megan wanna touch phoebe... it seems like megan 'sayang' phoebe here, but in fact, we're so fearful that megan may hit phoebe... cuz, when megan is exploring something new, the first thing she do, is to hit it and see how it sounds like...


had a great afternoon... and the girls headed to tampines to shop shop, while i drag my pathetic ass back to work (yup, that power shutdown thingy)... valerie so bad, made jace carry her while we're walking to the mrt station...


after work, i went back to tampines to meet them for dinner, and then went back home, feeling super tired... omg, better go get some sleep, tomolo got to go back office by 6am to startup everything... :S

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