Thursday, January 22, 2009

these sleepless nites

yup, had some sleepless nites these few days... dun know whats wrong with megan, she kept waking up in the middle of the nite, crying. having no clues on why she is waking up in the middle of the nite, we draw up some possibilities...

1. she's hungry?

- very unlikely, cuz its not her feeding time yet, and even we gave her milk, she couldn't finish and just doze off halfway thru the feed...

2. wet diapers?

- dun think so... her diaper is not dry, but it ain't that wet either... anyway, we did tried changing her diaper and she slept... then wake up again after a couple of hours...

3. she's cold?

- the weather is turning cold nowadays and we covered megan up with long pants and socks and a thicker quilt than the usual thin blanket...

4. so she is hot then?

- not really leh, she is not sweaty either...

5. she is pain?

- but her crying is those kind of tearless type... the last time she kanna diaper-rush, her crying is tearful... but not this time...

6. she dreaming?

- maybe, cuz her eyes are closed when she cried in the middle of the nite... even she turn over on her belly, her eyes were still closed while she cry... tearlessly...

7. teething??

- i have no more reason to believe than this... i think its teething bah... and the frustrating thing is, we just couldn't tell whats the real reason behind it... all we can do is to guess...

or maybe she is hinting daddy to get her one of these nice shoes to be given away from leonny's blog? hmmm...


  1. HI, I think it's most likely teething. :)

  2. yeah, i hope so too... and i hope it can end quickly... no sleep, very tired... dun want to look like panda when 拜年... :P

  3. Hi,

    It could be 'Wonder weeks', you can do a search and will know what I mean. That means the baby is learning a new skill (crawling, standing etc) and have yet to master that and this will disrupt their sleep, but when they cry or make noise at nite, their eyes are still closed. It will go away after few days. I went through that twice before. My gal will crawl all over the bed and even standing with her eyes closed. True enough, when she is back to normal, she demonstrated that she has mastered a new skill. If teething, she will be very irritated in the day also. My gal is one week older than Megan, that's why I love visiting your blog and can empathize what you are going thru. Very xin ku, but it's all worth it when you see how they have grown for the last nine over months! Cheers!

  4. wonder weeks? wow, true enuff, its a wonder how we survive these sleepless nites... haha...

    yeah, last nite she seems ok le... crossing our fingers thou...

    ghee, thanks for visiting... you got a blog?

  5. hi xiaofu & joelle...i can understand ur "panda" nites, my 9month son experienced this last few weeks. so decided to drop you a msg upon reading ur blog, haha!!! well, this is part of the growing stage. now, he is getting slightly better, wont wake up middle of the night and wail for no reason. only make some "cat" sound where i feed him he fall asleep after fed. it should go away after it. "ren" haha!!!!

    but hor, Megan is super cute lor!!!!! i visit ur blog daily sia...haha!

  6. yeah... for the past 2 nites, we're having better sleeps... crossing fingers and touching wood... keke...

    thanks for visiting... and the compliments too... :)

    any blog(s) from you? ;)

  7. oh, as your daughter grows there'll be further such episodes, so be prepared! Have to simply grin & bear with it........ ;)

  8. yup, i know... its not those sleepless nites that's bothering us, its don't know what's bothering megan thats bothering us... :P

    anyway, i think she is getting better... since she is not unwell, and is feeding and playing well, so i guess, its really those 'wonder week' thingy... :)

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