Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the chinese new year,

lasts for 15 days, but we got to return to work on the 3rd day... which is... ahhh, tomolo...

to my surprise, it is a tradition to visit elders on the 1st day of CNY, and or married daughters to visit their family on the 2nd day... whereas the 3rd day, people don't visit friends and relatives due to either of the 2 reasons:

1. its easier to get into argument on this day

2. family who has kin deceased in the past 3 years can visit friends or relatives on this day... or even, to visit graves...

and yet, we're going back to work on this easy to argue grave visiting day... how appropriate... :P


that aside, more camwhoring this morning...








its so tiring to visit relatives during the CNY dayz... phew... better get some sleep before the easy to argue grave visiting day starts tomolo... :S

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