Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bert and bel’s wedding

i know this is way way overdue… k lah, only 3 days overdue lah… was invited to be bert’s brother on his wedding day last sunday, and its my first teochew wedding day, meaning to say, 4am wake up, 4:30am leave house, 5am reach bert’s place…

you know, as you aged, there’s lotsa things ou can’t do… things like, waking so darn early in the morning, having to do push ups with the groom on our back… its just so tough… anyway, still managed to help bert to get bel out of the sisters’ clutches… and i really got to scream out here to bel… why the hell must you carry a mouse in your bag??

oh well, blissful marriage to the beautiful couple…


after a tiring day, went back home and only a few hours to rest before setting off for the dinner… and i don’t really meant rest lor, as i got to sort out the photos to be play on the dinner (besides my first teochew wedding day, its my first wedding photographer day too!)

of course, bert and bel is not that suicidal to ask me to be their photographer lah, they have their pro photographer, i’m just there to take photos for the dinner’s slideshow… but still feeling stress lor… so scare to mess it up… after what vincent kanna after being videoman for youhe’s wedding… but guess what? he is the videoman again this time!!! haaa, hope he don’t screw up!

and here’s megan getting ready for the dinner… dressed up in her cutie flowery dress…


and all out to stun tobey, kyler and jovi… if any of these boys dare take a peek at megan’s back…


anyway, only jovi attend the wedding… and i’m the polaroid cameraman for the nite… and hence, gotten a couple of shots ourselves… keke…


bert and bel wouldn’t mind one lah… keke


oh ya, here’s something getting really nasty and messy when battling down the gates at bel’s home…


guess where i am?? gross…


  1. Hey ur bro dun like to use the trackball as mouse hor. So I literally need to bring mousie ard mah. Haha aye I'm a IT gaget gal everything in my bag is pretty much those things haha.
    Kns... no wonder our book is missing so much photos. Haha. Well hope it was good fun with the camera.

    Once again. Thank u for helping us on our big day. U guys were great!! Jio u lim.. Teh again next time. Haha

    regards Bell n Bert

  2. hi xiaofu,
    mind sharing the "effects" name for first picture?
    ie only your "subjects" are focused, all background blur.