Friday, December 18, 2009

megan’s third day at childcare

this morning, didn’t managed to wake up on time cuz the bloody rain is making us super lethargic… nevertheless, managed to reach megan’s childcare center by 8:15am… 1 hour later than what we supposed to achieve…

as usual, megan cried and is reluctant to go in and we got to coax her again… and we have to go in else she wouldn’t want to step in at all… however, she is ok when she got in and saw all the toys and kids…

i managed to say goodbye to her and gave her a goodbye kiss, and she seems pretty ok about it… and hence, started megan’s 3rd day at childcare…

we wanted to watch megan from the windows but due to my “nature call” , i got to rush to the loo at the nearby mcd… (the thing about kfc’s latest pepper chicken is, its hot and spicy when it went in last nite… its hot and spicy when it came out this morning… kaoz…)

where was i?? oh ya, after i’m done with the hot and spicy, we went back and saw her teacher feeding megan bfast, and after that, assembly time… where megan had to sit right in front of her row… (anyway, she is the only one in her row… haa)

we didn’t realised she actually spotted us peeking from the windows and she started “mummy, mummy ah…” again… with tears… her teacher managed to calm her down, but after a while it seems she still able to spot us despite how well camouflaged we are (btw, joelle wearing bright red top this morning…)

so then i found out, megan actually spotted us from the mirror reflection in the music room… so we got to change our tactic and relocate our base to higher ground… the multistorey carpark beside the childcare center… and we got this:

sorry ah, limited budget for a better video quality… :P


  1. looks like Megan is coping well in childcare.....seems the parents are more reluctant to let the little precious go!! ;P

    Don't worry so much, Megan seems to be settling well. Mine didn't let the teacher shower him till one week later!

    anyway, soon will come a time when the little one wouldn't want to go to school cos the novelty of it had worn off.......but soon that phase will pass too, so just brace for more parenting ahead! ;)

  2. brave lil' megan! im sure she will do well and have fun!