Wednesday, December 16, 2009

megan’s first day at childcare

this morning, all of us woke up early for megan’s first day at childcare… looking at megan wearing school uniform standing beside her bag, i realised 女儿长大了.. (secretly wiping away the little teardrop… hey, not so that dramatic lah!)



and finally, making our way out… gonna take a bus ride to the childcare center… and megan is a little confused why this morning she is not strapped to her pram anymore…



nevertheless, she always enjoy and wanted to be out of the pram for a good run…



one more shot before we making the dash for the oncoming bus…


once we reached megan’s childcare center, we were settling some administrative paperworks and megan just wondered into the childcare center after having her temperature taken… without saying goodbye to us… and there and then, started her first day at childcare…


while waiting for assembly, there were toys for entertainment… megan just forgotten about daddy and mummy… it was until they were instructed to keep the toys and getting ready for bfast, megan seems to start looking for something… or looking for us… who were basically playing hide and seek the whole day…


the teachers were quick to handle megan’s anxiety and settled her down for her bfast, her first meal on her first day at childcare… tao sha bao…


which of course, don’t think she is eating it anyway… haa… right after she made a mess of her bfast, everyone is getting ready for the next activity, and megan SAW US!!! or rather, she saw joelle lurking outside the window and began pointing at our direction and “mummy… mummy…”


you can imagine joelle and me ducking for cover as if being showered by machine gun bullets… once again, the teacher is quick enuff to calm  megan down and bring her to the next activity, megan’s fav activity… music and singing… now she totally forgotten about us…


and i really meant totally forgotten about us… btw, it does seems everyone is towering over megan, thats because she is the only one in her playground (the rest are older kids)… megan’s first classmate comes in at jan, meaning she’s having both english and chinese teacher for herself… cool…





after seeing she is taking things well, we headed home to rest… and not really resting for me as i took this chance to clean up the house and get this little surprise gift ready for megan when she is back from her first day at childcare… a little gift to reward megan for being such a brave little girl…

meanwhile, megan’s nanny went over to take a peek at megan with her kids and found that the curtains were down as it was her nap time… however, they heard megan saying “不要...”

she don’t want to sleep?? hmmm…

IMG_5629 IMG_5630

we went back to the center after 4pm, and found megan playing with her english teacher… this time, we let her sees us at the window and she actually waved at us and said goodbye… and she started tearing when we walked out of sight from the windows to the gate, maybe she thot we going off… :P

after talking to her teacher, we realise that she actually not able to sleep at her nap time but only managed to sleep 1 hour later, maybe unfamiliar environment… everything else is as per normal and she is coping well and the teacher asked if she had been to other center before… :P

and the teacher mentioned megan is quiet… we were like, quiet?? … no comment… haa…



while on our way back, megan seems like wanting to tell us what’s going on around her today, cuz as she was holding our hands, jumping and humming songs, she would turn to me and “daddy…” (just maybe she don’t know how to put them into words…, but i felt it…)

and of course, i felt her happiness when she open up her pressie…

IMG_5640 IMG_5642

IMG_5647 IMG_5649


thats my brave little girl… we’re so proud of you…

(bracing for day 2)

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  1. Brave Girl! Well Done! :)