Sunday, December 13, 2009

nuffnang moola #1

recieved my first nuffnang cheque today!



was encourage by derrick once to put nuffnang ads on my blog long ago, but didn’t really see anything moola rolling in till only recently when readership of ningmengcha grows…

thou the minimum cash out limit is $50, there is a $1 transaction fee posted on each cash out… so i decided to cash out everytime i reached the $100 mark… ok, its not really that easy to reach $100… must got lotsa readership and ad supporters… :P

so… blogging really earns… hee… at a slow rate, i must say… first campaign started jun 2008 and only managed to reach $100 at oct 2009… but hey, thats about 2 tins of milk powder wor… back then, ningmengcha only having a handful of readers, but of course, with more readership, comes more moola… fire up google and search for tons of information on having more readership, that should do the job…


psst, keep a look out for “nuffnang moola #2”… ;)


  1. cool.. SD100 is like RM200+ here.. lol.. you guys earn double! =P

  2. Congratulations, you receive the check from Nuffnang. Keep it up.

  3. Congrats on that! Will help click ur ads whenever I can!

    Cheers to all Singaporean bloggers man!