Tuesday, December 9, 2008

its not easy

long time never update this little space of mine... lets see... oh ya, megan gotten a nice dress from my parents... very princess-ly dress... this is only a test-wear, so forgive her hairdo... :P


oh ya, its that season of the year again, and out came rudolph... and megan staring right at the red nose reindeer... and guess what? megan cried! i guess she's afraid of the ferocious plant-eater... :S


and of course, i set up the tree again... spent half a day cleaning up the house and setting up the tree while megan watches...


and the other half day?... out for b'day celebration dinner for joelle's parents...


megan with her killing sweetie pinkie hairclip again...


and how can we forget the lighting ceremony of the tree!


and... megan had her first fall... not really a bad fall thou... she was crawling towards the edge of the mattress when she suddenly slip and you know the rest of the story... it looked really bad eh? but there is no bruise, only slight abrasion... within minutes, its gone... but we're expecting more of such falls, cuz megan is so very very hyper active recently... and its pretty hard to restrain her...


and ... ED, how right you were... now i realised megan also put the labels into her mouth... haiz... got so hungry meh?



wow... seems like a nice week for me but, its far from it... in fact, i had a bad bad week at work... even worked thru the weekend, from nite to morning, then go home, sleep, meet joelle and megan at mil's place, then go work, from nite to morning again... never spent the weekend with joelle and megan at all, while the rest of the company had quality family time, and coming back to office on a tuesday looking refreshed except me (and my department)... no wonder, the whole department is boycotting the dnd... or at least i am boycotting it, not sure why the rest of the guys not going thou...

i need to find my life back... i'm always tried from work, always having no time for joelle and megan... and had been a month since i last went to my parents' place for dinner... i'm so wanna...


its not easy... not easy to stay, not easy to quit...

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