Monday, December 15, 2008

precious moments...

last sat, joelle kanna ot... and so, i stayed home to take care of megan... and little one don't wanna lay down on her pinky chair anymore... she would sit up once we put her on the pinky chair... and, this is her fav star...


oopsy... star star go where?


yeah... under your pinky chair!


after a while, we didn't not to stay home and wait for joelle to come home... we really need some family time... and so, we (me and megan) decided to go over to joelle's office and give her a surprise! megan's so happy when i told her we're going to look for mummy!


ahhhh... little one really know how to melt her daddy hor?


and here we are, at joelle's office... not only joelle is overjoyed when we reached her office... megan however, is a little confused over the commotion...


my 2 babies...



seems like a happy weekend for me? not really... come sunday, my turn to go back office... while joelle and megan stayed over at mil's place... and joelle is so tired, she couldn't go to office today... and me? reached home in wee hours of the morning, alone... sad...


enuff of the bloody work talks... let's take a look at megan's sleepy pek chek video...


oh btw, joelle's sil was mentioning that megan looks like those figurines from precious moments... really?

720017_l 811807_l

 101501_l 620022_l

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