Wednesday, December 24, 2008

x-mas eve 2008

finally its x-mas eve! one more shot at the presents before the party starts...


yes, we're holding a party today for the family... we ordered buffet from neo garden and here's the food...

牛油虾 and 罗汉斋

P1030671 P1030673

酸甜鱼片 and 咖哩鸡

P1030672 P1030682

佛钵飘香 and 火腿拼盘

P1030675 P1030676

苏东油条 and 扬洲炒饭

P1030674  P1030677

and how can we miss out the log cake?


megan finally get to show off the dress my dad bought for her... and this is serene, joelle's sil, also the mum of nicky and valerie... and they are not here today... touring malaysia with their aunt... :(

P1030683 P1030684

P1030685 P1030691

P1030689 P1030690

and i dun know who got this hat for megan... but she looked cute on it thou... nice...


ok, lets unwrap megan's present... i know its not boxing day yet, but hey, we all got to work on boxing day k? we dun have a strong work union here in singapore, so boxing day is not a privilege for us...

P1030704 P1030705

megan's first x-mas present is also her first 'study' table and chair... merry christmas to you darling... and to all of ya too...

P1030710 P1030711

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