Thursday, December 25, 2008


on a silent nite like this... when everyone left our place after the party ends... when megan and joelle are fast asleep... i began to look at the photos i took with a dslr camera when we were visiting felicia last week (thanks to miranda, who painstakingly emailed me all the photos till 2:30am...)... the camera i tested on, is a canon eos 450d... i'm going to get my first dslr camera soon (and joelle promised to sponsor $500 as an early b'day gift)...

problem is... is it going to be:

- canon eos 40d @ ~$1599

- canon eos 450d @ $1099

- nikon d80 @ $1588

its going to be my first dslr camera, and so, an entry level should be sufficient... afterall, first time driver dun usually get a mecede as their first car right?

so, my eyes were kinda fixed at the eos 450d... afterall, these are the pictures i took with an eos 450d...








like i said before, you can't do this with lumix... there are lotsa bloggers who got pretty nice shots on their bloggie... say, jason who uses an eos 40d, leonny who uses her hubby's nikon d200 and i simply adore this and this shots she took, ed who uses nikon d40 mentioned to me once to go 4 it!

problem is, there are so many 'it's that i'm not sure which 'it' to go for...

1 2 3

even thou i'm kinda 'hooked on' the eos 450d model... keke...


  1. The cameras you have your eyes set upon are all catered for different users.

    The 450D is meant for beginners.
    The 40D is meant for 1/2-professional and 3/4 beginner, or those who plans to use their camera to earn money.
    The D200 is meant for hardcore photographers.

    If you notice, all three cameras have huge difference in the price too, ranging from $500 to $1000.

    How to choose your camera? Hmm... Depends on your budget and needs actually.

    For most people who just wants to take better pictures, the 450D or 60D is sufficient. Those who wants to go deep inside photography, should go for D90, 40D and above.

    Also, depending on the outcome of the picture that you like. Canon's colour appears to be warmer or more reddish compared to Nikon's colour that is slightly blueish and appears to be more natural and accurate. So, you need to check both brand's out-from-the-camera picture and decide.

    Nikon's colour is really superb. For a Canon camera to get Nikon's colour, one needs to use the flash or set the proper white balance whereas Nikon's auto white balance can do the job easily.

    However, Nikon is slower (I feel) and the D60 doesn't have internal focusing motor. If you can afford, go for the D90 or older model D80, which has the motor inside. Also Nikon's lenses are more expensive, if not mistaken.

    Canon maybe faster, but the ISO noise is not as good as Nikon. The external flash is more expensive than Nikon's too.

    So, there's a lot to consider before making the choice. Good luck with that! Hehe.

    Oh, most importantly, the feel when you hold the camera is very important too! Don't neglect that.

  2. wow... thats a very mouthful of explanation there... thanks a lot! in the end, i may go for the sony alpha 350.. haha... in the end, its mostly the feel and cost of the camera i know how to decide on... haha... :P

    once again, thanks for the in-depth explanation... merry christmas to you!

  3. Well, just my personal opinion, Sony Alpha's lens are difficult to source and not to mention, very expensive too. They have limited range of lens. Unless you have already found a source, you will be having trouble adding lens to your arsenal.

    Moreover, based on my friend's Sony Alpha A200, the noise was really terrible, even at ISO 800. While I am not sure how does the A350 fare, I doubt it would be significantly better than its predecessor.

    While there are a small number / minority of photogrpahers who are using Sony Alpha, if you are not part of this community or don't have many friends who use Sony Alpha, most of the time, you are the lone ranger.

    Unlike using popular brands like Canon or Nikon, you can consult them or even learn from your friend or even colleague who sits next to you. While photogrpahy, regardless of the rband, is the same, you cannot deny that you will learn faster when you seek advice from one who uses the same camera as you, who can provide you on the spot advice or comparison, rather than through forums or websites.

    Think about it. :D