Wednesday, August 6, 2008

you can't do this with lumix

remember the workshop we went a few days ago? there were some professional photographers taking pictures of the event and sent us the photo they took... look at the crowd at that day! saw us?? in that little red box?? yup... that's us there...

and this is one very very very great shot of joelle and nicky... my jaw just drop when i saw this... darn, these guys are good at it!
and we also used this chance to take a really nice professional family photoshoot...
gosh... i should pamper myself with a DSLR camera... i really can't do this with lumix... :P


  1. Go 4 it!

    I bought the most basic one-the Nikon D40.

    No regrets!

    U get much more emotions in every shot

  2. ahhh.... so tempted to buy one... but got to send in budget proposal for financial controller to approve leh... :P

  3. cool.. i like your blog. keep it up. What's the name of your cutie.