Monday, July 28, 2008

a long day

this morning, took some pictures while waiting for time to pass... we had a baby massage workshop thingy in the afternoon, and so, we were just passing time... until we got really late... joelle and me really have some time management issues... :P

P1010004 P1010008

P1010011 P1010013

and nowadays, we can't leave megan on her pinky chair if she is awake... cuz, within seconds, she would ended up in this position... who knows, one of these days she might be able to get off the chair by herself, with a thug on the floor... as the elders always says "榴梿掉了!"


and so, its about time to set off (or rather, we can forget about going if we still not setting off)... megan seems to be aware of it, cuz we dress her up nicely and we dress ourselves up nicely... she is so excited...


...and happy too... oooh, very leggy babe hor...


hmmm... very cool look from megan when we were taking these shots...

P1010020 P1010021


finally a little smile from megan while we were waiting for a cabby...

P1010025 P1010026

finally gotten a cabby and megan is tired le...

P1010028 P1010029

and she sleeps thru-out the cab ride...


and we were there... the workshop is held in a super ulu place, the relc hotel... kaoz, free workshop, no complaints lah... however, the response is too overwhelming and the whole place is 'crawling' with babies and parents... and when 1 baby cries... you know the story...

P1010032 P1010033

and of course, we were not alone... jio-ed angie and zena... once we met up, its time to 物物大交换... keke... this is angie with megan...

P1010036 P1010038

and this is us, with nicky, angie's little boy.

P1010037 P1010040

nicky is about the same age as megan, maybe a few weeks earlier bah... imagine joelle and angie were sitting side by side in office when both of them are preggies... megan and nicky must be chatting with each other from within their mummy's tummy while the 2 mummies chats at work... anyway, trying very very hard to get a shot of the 2 babies, who can't stop moving... my goodness... look at nicky's tights... :P

P1010043 P1010044

P1010045 P1010046

P1010047 P1010048



and gabby! zena's little girl... she was so afraid of me when she was at our place during megan's full month celebration... but not today wor... she kept looking for me, but then, still very difficult to get a nice shot of her cuz she is running around the place... very active and energetic girl... saw zena's hubby kept running after gabby... ghee, think i'll be having the same fate when megan starts running... :P

P1010054 P1010058

finally, a shot with gabby!


and so, down to business... the baby massage workshop is starting... and here we have, mrs wong! enjoyed her antenatal classes, and now her baby massage workshop is just as entertaining... and we mimic her whenever she says "is that quite clear?" hee... :P


and the massaging starts from the legs, to arms, to body, and megan sleeps... we were considered lucky cuz the rest of the babies around us, mostly were crying... and, like i said, when one cries, many cries followed... its like those baby instinct thingy to respond back with a cry when they heard a cry...

P1010063 P1010064

and when the workshop is over... megan wakes up smiling...

P1010065 P1010069


and zena finally gotten a chance to carry megan... not really megan's fav position thou...


and the pretty mummies gathered for a shot...


and we finally catch up with mrs wong... she is simply amazing when it comes to handling a baby... how the hell she can carry megan like this? both her hands were at megan's butt and megan wouldn't even fall forward wor... oh well, she is the expert...


and while waiting for the cabby, which it wouldn't come anyway cuz this relc hotel is just so darn ulu... and while waiting for zena's hubby to help us call a cab, we went around taking some picts of this ulu hotel...

P1010093 P1010097

and one more last pict with gabby before we hit the road...


and... the road... saw that singtel satellite dish along bke?


and here we are, at joelle parents' place... megan seems ok at first, but gotten grouchy and i got to bring her down with joelle's brother to the nearby pasa-malam, as the kids wanted to buy some durains... haiz, when will megan get used to it wor?

P1010102 P1010103

so, these are the 'before grouchy attack' shots...

P1010110 P1010111

the 2 girls having some fun-time together...

P1010114 P1010117

P1010112 P1010113

speaking of the kids... we flipped thru some old photos and found this one with dominic, valerie and daryl... my goodness, they were so young and cute...


and if you wondered... nope, this is not megan... this was valerie when she was a baby... we were pretty much amazed when we saw this... megan look so much like baby valerie...


okie dokie... a very long day for all of us, especially megan, who got so tired and sleep until legs open big big... you know, me and joelle actually tried spreading our legs like this and found that it was extremely painful in the groin area... and megan can sleep like this, looking extremely comfy wor...


yawn... zee-monster attacking now... so darn tired... gtg...

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