Saturday, July 19, 2008


hello... i'm on nite shift today... :P

just fed megan with 180ml (6 scopes of milk powder), and she finished it! this evening, baby sitter told us megan finished 180ml when she dragged her feeding interval... so, since she just dragged 6 hours after her last feed at 8pm, we gave her 180ml at 2am... and she finish it up and went back to sleep... you know, megan look so cute and sweet in my arms when she sleeps after her nite feeds... (too bad, no photo to show cuz no hand to use camera also...)


not for me thou, i always can't go back to sleep after feeding megan... and so, post this entry, and hit the books for a while (should be able to fall asleep with the boring course material... keke)

and since i'm at it, i've started a new label 'travel-paris', to showcase photos from our honeymoon trip...


this is me, with michelangelo's 'dying slave' sculpture at the louvre... find this photo familiar? its my blogger profile photo mah...

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