Tuesday, July 15, 2008

more toys...

took on the nite shift last nite... and it completely drained me... dun know why so the tired last nite... knocked out after i blogged and woke up at 2am to feed megan... then couldn't sleep, on the computer and saw joelle's email about the baby massage thingy and so blogged about it and then sleep...

this morning totally couldn't wake up... but still managed to climb out of the comfy bed, showered and fall back on the sofa watching the morning news... little one was on her pinky chair... as usual, when we made eye contact, i'll say "yes darling?"... and megan will smile and look away shyly... then look back at me again, and i'll "yes darling?" and it goes on... now i wonder, me and joelle are not those morning people, but how come megan is wor??

P1000568 P1000575

megan however, inherited our bad temper... angry when hungry (joelle's) and angry when not allowed to sleep (me)... anyway, had a bzbz day, but manageable thou... fetched megan, and played with her for a while, had dinner, and delivered my 800th kiss for the day to megan (ok, i'm exaggerating), and now she is sleeping le...

P1000577 P1000579

everyday is so routine, but my happiest and favourite time of the day, is to be with megan and joelle... sometimes both of us can just sit on our bed watching megan sleeping in her cot... then look and smile at each other, feeling so proud and happy with ourselves... :P


oh ya, didn't we just tabulated our expenses for megan last nite? and today got new items to be added to a new page for the next 30 days of expenditure... more more toys for megan... this time, its an interactive story book thingy...


that has different inter-changeable 'books'... all for a price tag of around $100... which is considered 'cheap' cuz amazon selling at a 'discount' price of £60 ($161)...


ghee, i think i better give up the idea of buying myself a new mobile le... or maybe if i can win that LG phone also not bad wor... continue to vote for me wor... closing date 31st July... 谢了!


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