Sunday, July 20, 2008


once again, the moment i wakey this morning, the 2 girls are already awake... feel so happy and perfect... grab megan and took this on-belly shot with megan... she is forever so sweet...


on seeing our shot so lovely, joelle wanna take a shot too... after several shots, this is the best one to offer... 她还是比较喜欢跟老爸拍照... keke...


来, 再来多几张...

P1000700  P1000701

god rest on the 7th day... but not us... lotsa housework to be done... joelle busy with the laundries and me, with the floor, bedsheet and the fans... totally shag out and we took a afternoon nap after all these hard works... not for long thou, cuz little woke up again...


when is one ever enuff? so, given 2 bolsters, megan seems so overjoyed...

P1000722  P1000723

P1000724  P1000725

oops, 偷偷喝水被发现了? 才不是啦, we just let go of the bottle since megan was holding the bottle with her hands... but of course, even if she know how to hold her bottle now, its not advised to let her do so, yet... cuz of the danger of choking mah... but then again, 如果真会自己拿, 我们就轻松多了... keke...



oh ya, i had been thinking of changing my phone le... looking back at the past phone models i had, i'm totally lost... no way i'm going for a pda phone... samsung soul mah?? 再考虑考虑一下... :P


and then, expanded my wants further... and tot of, whats the next country i'll be visiting? hmmm, i wonder, when is the best time for us to bring megan to japan's Sanrio Puroland... (hello kitty land lah)... 再考虑考虑一下... :P


and then, 胡思乱想了一下... haha, no need to say, 根本就不在考虑的范围内... keke...


k lah, about time for us to go to my parent's place then joelle's parent's... <crossing fingers>

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  1. i've been to sanrio puroland! sweeet~~~ but seriously need to bring her there when she's still fascinated with hello kitty... cos it's really all about looking at hello kitty and stuff. not like disneysea (aiyo i haven't been to disneyland) kinda theme park with all those thrilling rides etc. sanrio puroland is just go there see see look look and watch performances etc. ;)