Saturday, July 19, 2008

the thing about weekend is,

i get to spend my day with joelle and megan right from the moment i woke up... and being able to spend the day with the 2 girls, that means, another bombardment of my blog entry with lotsa photos... i guess pretty much that you all don't mind right?... do you??

today's mega photo post consists of 5 parts... i guess, i just let the picture do the talking, your finger do the scrolling and your lips, do the smiling... enjoy...


Part 1 : Baby on Belly

P1000617  P1000619

P1000620  P1000621

P1000622  P1000624

in case some of you ask, nope, megan haven't learn how to flip yet... just that it was advised by the doctor to put her in this position to help her strengthen her neck... we long wanted to take megan on belly pictures but haven't got chance to put her on her belly, cuz most of the time, we were afraid that she may puke milk... this morning, however, before she was being fed, we put her on her belly and found that she pretty enjoy it, look how happy she was... and you must agree with me, her neck is pretty strong le wor... ok ok, enuff talking, more pictures coming up...

P1000628  P1000631




strong neck... but not strong enuff to support for a long time... megan got tired, and her head kept dropping... so, end of part 1, baby on belly session...


Part 2 : With MaMa

P1000637  P1000640

with the recent noise made by megan that sounds like "妈", which i think she is not associating with the meaning, but joelle being so overwhelmed... ok, i'm jealous... :P

P1000671  P1000676


Part 3 : With PaPa

P1000666  P1000667

megan don't look too happy thou... but i can explain this... its that poor cameraman, or camerawoman actually... there she was, ready... 1.... 2.... megan smile, ready.... 1 .... 2... kaoz, how the hell baby allow you to carry in this position and smile when you told her too... ling bei smile until face cramp somemore... :P


Part 4 : Where else but the Pinky Chair

P1000644  P1000646

megan always smell so nice after her morning shower... in fact, i think everyone smells nice after showering lah... anyway, the one color i think megan look good in, is white... look so much like baby polar bear...

P1000648  P1000649

one of the many comments megan got from her 'fans', is that she has so many facial expressions... i think, besides crying and making 妈-sound-alike noises (hey, whose laughing back there?), facial expressions are one of the most basic communication tools for babies bah... there are expressions like the below 2 that almost looks like she is saying "daddy, carry me... pppplease..."

P1000650  P1000651

and facial expression like the left one says "darn, daddy don't wanna carry me..." and the right one says "since daddy not carrying me, i might as well sleep..."

P1000656  P1000653

and so, she sleeps... still looking sweet when sleeping... oh ya, these are the nice beads bracelets made by megan's baby sitter... she even sew megan a bolster cover... so nice of her...

P1000660  P1000661


Part 5 : Last but not least, the Sofa

sometimes, we put megan on sitting position on our sofa... she kinda like it but keep 滑下来... (whats the english for that? slipping? sliding? whatever...)

P1000679  P1000680

P1000683  P1000681

she's so happy... making the day for both of us... and i suppose to all of ya whose reading this entry...

P1000690  P1000695


omg, i'm suppose to let the pictures do the talking and yet i talk so much again... okie dokie, let me sum up everything with the last grand finale photo! have a great weekend, everyone!


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