Sunday, July 13, 2008


since friday morning 7am, i haven't seen joelle and megan until sat 7pm... 36 hours! was scheduled to work thru the friday nite, and reached home on sat at 10am... and joelle already went to work (yup, she got OT today)... and so, megan is at the baby sitter's place... and so, i went to have a power sleep until joelle's back from work with megan...

gosh i miss megan very muchie... and of course, joelle too... haha... speaking of which, last nite cw passed a remark saying me got 气管炎 problem... hmmm, i do have some serious buggy sinus issues, but not until got 气管炎 bah... but considering his sarcastic tone, and my quick thinking... nb, he meant to say 妻管严 lor... but, thats a nice one thou... lotsa people also got 妻管严 issues wor... :P

and i miss megan muchie... sometimes at work i would peek on my wallpaper on my desktop or mobile to look at her... i know its a bit the 夸张, and i dun believe it would happen to me cuz you know, manly issues... but it does... ahhh, i miss megan...


and i think she misses me too...


and there is something i realised this evening... sometimes, when i'm watching tv with megan, she would turn to look at me... and when i realise so, i looked back at her and say "yes darling?"... she would give a sweet smile and look away shyly... awww... but there is a catch... that tv show MUST NOT be doremon, cuz she wouldn't even look at you even you walk pass her sight... her eyes just fix directly at that blue robotic cat...



and 不知道是不是心理作用, everyday she look different... 不是觉得她高了, 就是胖了... parental instinct of hoping their kids to 快高长大? maybe bah...





and recently megan is really seeking extra pleasure sticking her finger into her mouth... even i poke in her pacifier, she would split it out and poke in her finger instead... it seems she is easing some itch in her mouth... but i really find no sign of tooth leh...



another thing is, she can use her hand to take the pacifier out from her mouth... and tried putting it back and couldn't do so and she gave up by sticking her finger in her mouth instead...  haha, its funny to watch...



and after joelle gave megan her 8pm feed, i sat her up on my lap for a while... and joelle snapped these few shots... i told you right? megan love to look at me... or she love my looks? keke...





one thing for sure, megan has lovely lovely looks that melts people... but she has a darker side too... she got foul tempers... especially after her nite feeds... she simply don't want to pet to burp and just wanna sleep right after her feed and if things not done her way, she would cry, kick, punch... anything that's not classified as sweet and lovely... but she would just quiet down if i carry her on my chest and she just doze off...

btw, 偷拍了小木瓜吃手指的摸样... 她好象不喜欢哦... who would anyway?

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