Sunday, July 6, 2008

ferber or sears?

last nite, while working, joelle called me saying she and megan already reached home... they were supposed to spend the nite at joelle's mum place but somehow, megan just cry and cry and cry... it seems like she is recognising place and people... and so, joelle LL got to bring megan back home... and maybe she cried too much, and now, she woke up crying, as if still recalling her crying ordeal... haiz, tot her cough recovering and i can get back my sleep but now.... dun know how long she need to get over it liao...


now, back to the question, did i carry megan too much? i checked the web, and it says nothing about carrying baby too much, and its old wives' tales... baby this age, should be shown lotsa love, and not leaving there like nobody's child... ok, maybe i overdo it liao, now got to let megan cry it out a bit, before carrying her...


now i'm stuck with the 2 schools of thoughts... should i go for the ferber (cry-it-out) method or sears (no tears) method? 好难做决定哦... 还是暂时别想这个, 花一点时间呼吁呼吁一下... vote for me oh... keke



  1. Actually I practise both! I let them cry for a while 1st b4 I pick them up!

    Btw, I voted for u! keep up the good work!

  2. hey thanks... like to read your blog too... oh ya, think i got to yours thru blogger choice... keke

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