Friday, July 4, 2008

拧檬茶 & 菊花茶

just now, while on train back home with joelle, we were talking the blog awards thingy... i tell her, if we win the notebook, she can use the notebook and start her own bloggie... joelle jokingly say must think of a blog title for her first... and so, i told her the list of ideas...

1. 菊花茶  :

2. 东瓜茶  :

3. 绿茶  : (but its taken liao)

4. 奶茶 : (kaoz... also taken liao)

5. 珍珠奶茶 : (aiyo, also taken liao)


haha, 我们想太多了... cuz, first, we must get that notebook first... :P

and so, 大家再接再厉, 踊跃投拧檬茶一票... 投多多票也无所谓... keke...


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