Saturday, July 5, 2008

to joelle,

hi dear, while you're at work, i've fed and bathe our little angel. she is getting mischievous nowadays, and dun want her milk when you feeding her, cuz i think she wants to play and be hold first... so, after you left home for work, i lay her on her pinky chair and not giving her attention and just watch tv... less than 5 minutes, she is wailing for attention, and so, i carry her and fed her and she finishes it in no time!

after letting her rest for a while, i fed her antibiotic and it was a success! she didn't split out wor... just only have to feed her with the syringe, little by little...

then when the water boils, i gave our little one a shower... it all goes well until when i just finished washing her hair and dried it and was about to put her on the water... she mega-puked... all over herself and me... must be the angle i'm holding her when washing her hair... its just enough not to let the water flow from her hair to her face but also just enough to make the milk flow back out from her stomach... kaoz... the question is, how to clean a baby when your body is full of her puke? figure it out yourself, and i'm not telling... haha~~~

anyway, still managed to bathe our little one... soothe her and played with her until she dozed off on FM96.3, the classic radio station... and me? i've showered too, and gonna make some coffee and eat bfast after this post...





btw dear, have a smooth day at work and we miss you!!!


PS: i also got to go back office after 4pm... haiz...

oops, megan wakey le... can hear her making the ummm, ammm and emmm sound again... switched on the TV and found out... did she wakey in time for her favourite doreamon cartoon??

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