Saturday, July 5, 2008

what she wants... really...

i did mention she love doreamon, didn't i? she can just quietly lay there and watch doreamon... and after that, she sleeps. and so, i started reading the notes i brought back home, getting myself ready for tonight's work at office, to setup the new emc ax4-5 storage... boring stuffs to be mentioned here... :P


and in fact, so the boring stuff, after 1 hour of struggling to keep myself awake while reading the notes, i decided to take a nap... so, i carry megan to our bed, and wah lah, she woke up...


she turned to the windows... think she sleeps?


nah... still pretty much awake...


then she turned back to me and do this at me:

what she really wants wor? tot she is hungry cuz of her mega puke this morning... made milk for her, and she dun want! tot she is mischievous again, so try and try until give up, carry her and hmmm songs to her and then, she sleeps... kaoz... 原来是要睡觉而已哦...


i better go take a nap too... home alone with baby is no easy task... wonder how joelle managed to do so during her maternity leave... :P

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