Friday, July 25, 2008

megan's 宝贝

did nite shift last nite and was pretty tired this morning... thank god, the power 45 minutes nap on train really perked me up... had a pretty smooth day at work, after all, what can be worst than having a server down and working thru tuesday nite to bring it up?

simply can't get my hands and lips off megan when we're home... i think megan don't mind bah... keke... looking at the pictures i took with megan, i don't think megan look like me at all wor... what you think??


it is said, mother is the greatest person in the world... besides giving birth, she provides milk and love to her baby... and finger?? joelle and megan were watching tv on the sofa and megan was happily sucking on joelle's finger... its just so funny to watch...

P1000840  P1000851

i got a bad feeling that i got to do another nite of nite shift le... joelle was so tired that she forgotten that she asked me to make coffee for her and she knocked out on the bed... now i got to finish up her coffee and my tea... my goodness, caffeine overload... darling, its you and me tonight again... :P


oh ya, a little clip to show... megan's 宝贝...

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