Monday, July 14, 2008

the price to pay for losing temper: $98.70

ytd, made joelle angry when i throw temper... but somehow, joelle kinda cool down and tot i can get away with it so easily... 哪里知道, joelle was provoked by her colleague today, and i'm the one paying the price lor... and the price is $98.70... an online shopping spree joelle made today with angie... haiz...


but the problem is, why am i the only one paying the price leh?? shouldn't that colleague of joelle be responsible for something too? i meant, she can be stressed at work, but stress doesn't give her the privilege to throw sarcastic remarks at joelle and then hee hee haa haa with other colleagues whom she can't afford to 得罪... 真的是狗眼看人低... i hate these kind of people... my last advise for this person: now you just lost 2 frds, continue so, you'll lose yourself... period.


and where was i? oh ya, today we tabulated megan's expenses over the past 1 month... from milk powder, diapers, toys, etc etc... we spent a total of $667 on megan... and plus another $550 for the baby sitter, it totaled to $1217. and since we're splitting the cost, each of us will be paying $608.50... and for me, an additional $98.70... :P


  1. $1217 for a cute baby, not bad larh, hahaha.

  2. haha, 还过得去啦... but that $98.70... haiz... :P

  3. Teresa in Office :)July 15, 2008 at 1:04 PM

    whatever $ can solve, it is not a problem. :D