Thursday, July 31, 2008


try repeat the title 10 times, and say it faster... haha... oh well, today joelle finally cannot take it liao... she have been working the early morning shift for 3 days and this morning, she got to take a day mc to stay home to rest... poor baby...

and since joelle is at home, she decided to cook dinner, and its 药材鸡! and the 药材 she bought is meant for 提神补气消除疲劳... and so the title lor...

looking back at previous posts, all didn't have megan's photo wor... mainly because we were tired, so we just play with megan and didn't take any photo... oh ya, our water boiler finally gave in and tripped the whole house... i guess its gone case liao... cw said dun use water boiler, cuz its no good to boil and reboil water over and over again... should get a thermo-flask instead... and he recommended 老虎大象牌... and i know what he is talking about wor... do you?

fetched megan from the baby sitter and since joelle setting up our dinner, its time for...


snap snap snap!


i realised, megan loved to watch me eating peanuts... dun know why also... pass her one peanut to grab... hee... she still haven't learn how to pick small objects yet... one of the milestone to achieve during her 10th month is to use her thumb and any fingers to pick up small objects... so in this case, she isn't really using her thumb thou... :P


and finally, the long awaited 药材鸡! joelle had been brewing it for 2 hours! looks yummy!


oh well, the master at work here... very serious work in progress!


and... a better presentation of the 药材鸡... come on, repeat after me, 提神补气消除疲劳!!!


and it taste as good as it looks... 好幸福哦~~~

in the end, it seems like its megan who got 提神补气消除疲劳 instead... she is so active and energetic... ghee, 小木瓜的衣服好象越来越小件了...

P1010151 P1010153

P1010154 P1010156

and me, feeling extremely tired and sleepy after the hearty dinner... 体魄大不如前... and joelle counted 5 white hairs on me!!! Ahhhh!!!!! but then, seriously, no matter how tired and frustrated at work, reached home, saw her, everything ok le... :P



in case some of ya still scratching your head on the 老虎大象牌... ring a bell??

tiger elephant


oh ya, the omy blog awards voting ends tonight at 12 midnight... if you haven't do so... oh well... 大家辛苦了... thanks for all the votes... now its time to be judged by the panel of professionals... wish me luck!


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