Thursday, July 10, 2008

our first rainy day

had a really bzbz day today... the morning i stepped into the office and opened the server room, i saw 2 red blinking LEDs... 1 is bad enough, now got 2! which means 2 harddisks died at the same time... 4 harddisks configured as raid 5, plus 1 hotspare... now 2 dead... and whats worst? that bloody server is out of warranty lor... spent the whole morning and afternoon to restore everything back... what a day...


and when we reached yew tee, it was drizzling... so we tabao mcd and bought a brollie and walked over to fetch little one... walked halfway, it became a heavy downpour... LL, we had our mcd at void deck... so pathetic...


but felt time kinda rewind to those school dayz... where void deck is one of those hanging out places for couples... haha~~~ i think nowadays still got couples hanging out at void deck bah... :P


when the rain ain't that heavy, we fetched megan... and used the plastic cover we bought for rainy days like this... looks really orbit and unglam... megan dun like it either, cuz she making those unhappy sounds from within, and so we quickly push the pram back to our place... end of our little adventure... our first rainy day home... :P


oh ya, ah ner mentioned she also melt when she saw megan's smiley photos... here's more...



i really wonder whats making megan so happy about? her silly mum and her crazy dad?? and you think its the end of the photos? here's even more... these photos are taken after megan's 9:30pm feed...

P1000467 P1000462

P1000470 P1000473

P1000474 P1000476

i know we are not supposed to play with her when its bedtime... but... just can't help it... ok lah, now its 10pm le... she is sleeping le... what a nicey cool weather to sleep in...

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