Sunday, August 17, 2008

a girl who look like a boy trying to look like a girl

today, we are getting megan a haircut... her hair is getting really messy and she is feeling very warm with the 'overgrown' on top... see, very messy right? we got to on the air-con for past 2 nites to cool off the dense 'jungle' for megan...


but first, bfast at mcd again...

P1010649 P1010653

megan didn't cry today when she is getting her haircut... probably no electric cutter thingy is used and its a male hairdresser today... she was crying pretty badly during her first haircut...


now... i'm expecting lotsa comment, maybe complaints about megan's haircut... so, how did she look now?? cool eh?


and her short haircut made her look so the... boy lor... omg, she look really boy...

P1010667 P1010672

i was telling joelle how boy megan looked with short haircut and joelle decided to 'zeng' megan to look more girl... and it turned out to be THIS!

i told joelle, whats worst than having a girl looking like a boy?

... having a girl who look like a boy trying to look like a girl lah...

this hair band is terribly OUT OF THIS WORLD... kaoz... darn the ribbon...


at least this cap can make it lah... thou its a bit small... ok, its too small for megan... anyway, we meant to trim megan's hair short short, so she wouldn't feel warm warm and yet we gonna make her wear a cap??


so, no cap for her today... we're going out today as i'm gonna change my phone... now, megan looks like a cutie school girl.... with short hair lah... :P


still got girl girl look lah... (think i'm trying to console myself now...)


a few shots of joelle with megan, who seems kinda moody thou... and she refused to look at the camera when i'm trying to take pictures of her... she dun like short hair mah? hmmm, come to think of it... the house of LOKs got short hair cuts wor...

P1010709 P1010721

see... moody right?


anyway, think megan is having a loong day... but we managed to shop around for her clothes... we got this cutie sailor suit and only to found out its actually for boys... but, girls do look good in sailor suit right? sailormoon?

P1010725 P1010726

our fav...

P1010727 P1010728

P1010729 P1010730

and a nice bear bear...

P1010731 P1010732

all from bossini baby... and we get to keep the hangers wor... that means another $50+ gone... we tabulated our expenses for megan for the past 1 month and found that, including baby sitter's fee, milk, clothes, etc, we spent a total of $1102 on megan... that means, each of us (joelle and me) is spending $18 everyday for 30 days... ghee...


ok ok, now... lets look at my new phone... samsung soul, sgh-u900... had been eyeing on it for the past few weeks...


not much of functions, except those basic camera, media player, bla bla bla... phone features are getting more and more similar nowadays... what attracts me most is the sleek design... i'm really a sucker for sleek and black... :P

P1010738 P1010739

okie... time to play with my phone now... the m1shop initialised my phone with its m1world button that i finally managed to get rid of it after browsing the web, desperately... now, where can i find nice cool themes for my phone... :P


  1. erm.. megan reminded me when I was young and I wa forced to cut very short hair which made me looked lke a boy which I hated and I was moody for very very long !!! pls cut a more girl girl style for her next time... but ok.. megan is still cute.

  2. Aio! Why u cut her hair ah?!?!?!? nice nice u go and cut.. although still mei mei la.. but but but...

  3. but but but... she is feeling very warm leh... especially her hair so the many, making her always scratching and pulling her hair... now cut short short liao, she dun even want to look at the mirror or take photo liao... haha... think she next time got long hair also dun dare to pull hair liao... cuz daddy and mummy may cut short her hair again.. haha..