Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"doug! we have a bad day! again!!"

yup, you heard me saying that again... this morning, megan had loose stool after her 5am feed. we were like 'shit'... but still carry on to getting ourselves to go to work... joelle was on the 7am shift, so she left home earlier, whereas i got myself ready by 7am and went over to wake megan... unlike her usual self, where she usually woke up with a smile, this time she cried... tot she was angry being disturbed from her sleep, i carried her to her pinky chair and walked away to put on my shirt... only a few paces away, i hear this ear-piercing cries from megan... and this time, the cries were different and i got to bring her to see a doc... and so i called joelle, who was already at the the highway... while talking to me, rach could hear megan's crying from joelle's phone... that's how ear-piercing it can get...

and after her 8am feed, she poo again... and loose stool again... she is having diarrhoea, that's for sure... took a shot of her loose stool to show the doc... and megan, dun really look that sick thou... i think, she is a very strong girl...


with smiles like this, who can tell she is recovering from flu and is now having diarrhoea?


tried this camera effect on megan... a little blurry but still not too bad lah...


and... now, thats very fierce wor...


ahhh... thats more like daddy's cutie girl...


now she is all ready to go see the doc... dun think she look nice with the hair band... or we didn't wear it correctly for her?? i dun really know... looks like rambo thou... :P


and this is even worst... looks like 悟空 from 七龙株 comic...


and we're on cabby to tmc... last week there for her flu, this week there for her diarrhoea...


after checking out with her pd... we realised that the loose stool she had is called mucus stool... and she could be having diarrhoea due to bacteria infection as she is putting toys and fingers into her mouth nowadays... and also the dietary change as we are introducing cereal for megan... so it means, no cereal for her, diluted milk for her, more cuddling for her until she recovers... and of course, another $90 from us... :P

the good news is, megan is still able to feed... but she is still not feeling well as she continues to LS (lao sai) even when she is back home... 5am, 8am, 1pm, 3pm... all got LS...


a real serious danger from diarrhoea is dehydration... doc say if she is able to feed, then it is ok... despite megan being able to drink her milk, we still keep a close lookout whenever we feel that she is thirsty, so as to replenish her water supply... she is very sweaty at times, so its still best to give her water between feeds...


and, we ordered kfc for lunch... saw this super tuesday promotion, $20+ for 8 pieces with whip and coleslaw and crunchy bite... yup, you heard me, 8 pieces of chicken meat... joelle took 2... and you do the maths... i'm amazed i can finish 6 pieces of meat... my personal record! (chek, nothing to be proud of thou...)


oh ya, joelle bought this... this... ballerina stocking thingy for megan from the hospital shop... i almost fall off the sofa when she put it on for megan... its so tight... but cute thou... megan dun look comfy at all... it seems she can split it open like incredible hulk...


another day gone... i wonder, did the govt says anything about protecting parents who took too many leaves for their kids?? i meant there is some 'protection' for preggies now, what about parents?

"... You must have flexible work arrangements so that it's easier for women to have both, to work and to have children. And you must have family-friendly employers who will make this happen. So they make the practical arrangements and their attitudes when you go – they don’t make a sour face and they don’t make you feel like there is a little black mark recorded in your annual confidential report..."

thou pm lee just mentioned it briefly in his national day rally...


  1. hey the ballerina stocking joelle bought for megan is very useful especially if you were to bring her out to shopping centre, you can let her wear it under a pretty cutie dress. can keep her from cold. My in-laws bought a few from UK for my little girl too.

  2. yup... thats very handy especially weather turning cold nowadays... :P

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