Saturday, August 23, 2008

blue over purple

today is a rainy cold sat... a very good weather to sleep thru... but we didn't, cuz megan still got to bathe and drink milk milk... and we introduce barney to megan today... she is not interested thou... maybe she prefer blue to purple? as in doraemon to barney?


and the other reason not for me to sleep thru is... i'm being 'recalled' back to office... got some users having internet problem... super LL go back office to settle the issue... only managed to use a workaround solution, monday still got to settle it again... thou its only 2 hours at office, but i could use it for a good cold afternoon nap... kaoz...


when i'm home, joelle showed me this picture she took for megan... wow, it seems joelle is getting good at lumix-ing wor... nice shot...


of course, not as nice as the shots i took... keke... megan as usual is all happy and smiling whenever we're playing with her...


life is pretty simple for megan, she just need to eat, play, poo, pee, sleep...


at times, she cries or smiles... and trying very hard to learn as much things as she could... and as what i read from the books, as babies tends to have more brain activities to remember and to learn new things happening around them, their head usually sweat alot... and that so true for megan lor... such a cold weather today, and i'm shivering with the cold, and there she was, so sweaty on her head...


and she is also trying to flip over... so we can see her trying very hard to turn her body sideway while she is on her pinky chair... and at times, lifting her head up to see whats happening in front of her instead of staring at the boring ceiling... and all these activities made her all so sweaty... and of course me, still shivering as thou living in ice age... brrrr....



am supposed to go for my company function: family day at hort part, tomolo... but i guess, i'm gonna give it a pass, due to the fact that:

1. megan still haven't recover from her flu yet

2. i'm totally pissed being 'recalled' back to office this morning

3. tomolo, there's a live olympic basketball match between usa and spain

4. i'm doing nite shift tonight...

and i'm very tired... :P

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