Monday, August 25, 2008

"doug! we have a bad day!"

recalling one of my fav movies, 50 first dates... remembering that poor daddy who tried his best to prevent lucy from remembering her accident (that left her forgetting everything the moment she sleeps). and whenever lucy discovers something is not right, her daddy will shout to lucy's brother "doug! we have a bad day!"

and indeed, we have a bad day... this evening, joelle went to tabao dinner while i went over to fetch megan... halfway back, megan started crying and so i got to one hand carry her, one hand push the pram... and when i got home, megan was crying and crying and crying... i don't even have time to take off my socks and got to carry megan and trying to soothe her... only managed to put her down to take off my shirt before she started wailing again... this is the famous colic attacks... its not my first encounter thou, but i'm terribly torn apart by her shrieking cries... no wonder its said in the web, colic attacks sometimes harm parents more than the baby... i'm torn, like this 栗子壳... :(


anyway, we managed to calm megan down within an hour, after some carrying, singing, 如意油ing, rattling, and finishing with feeding her milk milk and patting her to sleep... then only, we started having our dinner around 9pm... and now, both of us, as well as megan, are extremely exhausted... i dun think i can do all these by myself... and coming to this, i guess i will give the singapore blog awards ceremony a pass... its happening on the 5th sept (friday)... but we got to fetch megan from her baby sitter... and i can't let joelle to go fetch by herself cuz in case of colic attacks, one person cannot handle wan...


and... on the lighter side... the unforgettable forgetful lucy song from the movie...

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