Sunday, August 24, 2008

of red, blue and white

another rainy sunday... was carrying megan while watching the basketball match and joelle happily taking shots of us... i'm not paying attention to joelle thou, but megan seems not very interested in the match thou... anyway, congrats to the usa team for clinching the gold medal...

P1010876 P1010880


after that, we took out the ball for megan to play... she seems very interested in this ball thingy... when pressed, it either play music or says the alphabet... little one is so very curious about the ball... i guess it must be the colour that attracts her attention...

P1010885 P1010889

in fact, its so colourful, we took quite a number of shots...






and the ball can be detached... and it really becomes a ... ball lor...

P1010902 P1010903

so much playing, it time for her cereal... we failed to feed her for 2 consecutive days... she didn't seems want to be fed... either she is too hungry to eat it, or we cook it the wrong way?? not very sure thou, got to ask megan's baby sitter how she did it for the past few feeds... i did managed to feed megan 3 mouthful before she got impatient and cries... and in the end, we gave in and switch to milk milk....


and after she is full, we set off to joelle parents' place... and megan is so very happy to gai gai again...

P1010911 P1010913 

and now, the 2 girls are sound asleep... and me, going to turn in soon... its a nicey cool weather to sleep in... hope tomolo morning not raining... :P

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