Sunday, August 17, 2008

a very early nite for us...

went over to my parents' place for lunch today... as usual, megan is happy to put on nice clothes...


but then, she kept shunning away from the camera... because she knew she got short hair mah?


got a few great shots while on cabby... megan really enjoy cabby rides... maybe because got air-con and she enjoys looking out the car windows...



now this shot looks like she gotten 2 grapes inside her mouth...



as usual, megan don't really like to be carried by my mum... (my dad even worst, megan cries just by looking at my dad...)


but when my brother returned home, he started playing with megan and megan seems to like my brother... she even tried communicating with him with goo-goo-gaa-gaa baby talks and extends her arms as if asking to be carried... my mum and dad were green with envy...

P1010772 P1010769


and we managed to get home before 7:30pm to catch the ping pong match between singapore and china... and meanwhile ordered pizza!


P1010775 P1010776

halfway thru the match. we got really tired and decided to turn in for the nite... dun know why 3 of us so the sleepy today... good luck singapore... (i dun think will win also...)

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