Monday, August 4, 2008

if ndp has it, so does wilson

if you still scratching your head when seeing this title, oh well, if ndp has a rehearsal, so does my little brother's birthday... which happened to be national day... which he happened to be involved in the ndp... and so, an early celebration for my little brother...

anyway, irene (wilson's gf) sms me last week asking if we can make it on sunday for wilson's bday celebration... of course i can, my little brother leh... then she told me to reject wilson if he calls to invite me over (to give him a surprise...) and a few days later, wilson calls and i had to lie to him... ghee, i feel bad wor... irene, so playful wor... keke...

and so, last sunday morning, while we were waiting to go lot1 to buy wilson's cake... its photo taking time!

P1010293 P1010328


and soon, it was time to set off... joelle prepared this nice cutie little blue dress for megan... so sweet wor...


megan is always so happy when she put on nice dresses...


so very the happy lor...


but then, got moody when we hit the road... realised that megan dun really like to go out... too noisy? too warm? too many people?? i really dun know... she just look, moody lor...

P1010341 P1010344

and this is megan's nice blue dress, with nice blue ribbon and white flowers all over... joelle 还真的很会买! but, dear, i'm not encouraging hor... :P


moody megan, didn't even want to look at the camera... then i wonder, whats so interesting outside the cabby? oooh, blue sky...

P1010348 P1010349

its around 7pm when we reached my parents' place. should capture wilson's look when we suddenly pop out with the cake... wow, looks like new year celebration wor... tons of food all over the table... and my fav, 火锅铁板烧!!! its sizzling time! and lotsa 'explosion' with hot sizzling oil flying all over the place when we're frying the 三层肉...

P1010351 P1010356

megan, once again, was crying... still not used to my parents' place... and after some soothing, we managed to settle her down on her pinky chair while we continue pamper ourselves with the food... and then, the young couple couldn't help it and tried carry megan for a photo shoot... hmmm, not bad wor, megan seems ok wor, especially with irene wor... afterall, she is the person who gave you the carebear wor... :P

 P1010360 P1010361

time to take out the cake... its a blueberry cake with strawberries... looks really colourful and yummy...

P1010364 P1010366

even megan is attracted to it... no dear, not yet... wait till you're older k?


2 large 5 small candles, all lighted up and looking nice...


and... my little brother... 6 years my junior every year... :P


oh well, the usual... psst, if i knew the cake isn't that tasty, i would dump your head into the cake... keke...

P1010376 P1010379

P1010380 P1010381


and our tummy is so close to bursting liao... all the food, all the dessert, all the cake... not to mention that bottle of red wine... time for us to leave, as its already past megan's bedtime and she seems a little grouchy liao... my bro decided to have one last shot with megan and megan seems pretty ok despite the un-comfy position my brother is carrying her in... and my dad, can't help it and wanna carry megan and guess what?

P1010387 P1010389


oh ya, i finally got the books!!! a few weeks ago, i found that yen mei (my colleague) was reading trudi caravan's black magician trilogy and we talked about how exciting the storyline was... then i mentioned about her new series, the age of the five and then she asked me to wait for kinokuniya's member sales... and today, is the day! she lent me her card and i spent $41.82 for the 3 books after a discount of $10.46... 赚到啊! thinking of not returning her the card liao... no lah, just kidding...


now i wonder, with the vmware material i'm currently reading up on... and maybe sharepoint in the months to come... do i really have time for trudi caravan?


just now, dun know what's happening to megan cuz she keep crying... sounds like colicky attack... and almost 1 hour of crying stopping crying stopping, we managed to soothe her and set her down to sleep... she must be overwhelmed by the weekends' excitement... and joelle started talking about getting those yellow triangle taoism thingy for megan... (roll eyes)

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