Monday, August 11, 2008

that warm tinkering sensation

went to tabao dinner after lazing around the house the whole day. megan seems pretty happy today cuz get to see her parents home with her... dozed off in the living room with megan after her 2pm feed... joelle was sleeping in the room, and said it was a lovely view when she woke up and saw father and daughter both zzz-ing at the living room (me on sofa, megan on pinky chair)...

oh ya, the dinner, 姜葱猪肉饭 for joelle and 卡哩鱼片饭 for me... (that explains the warm tinkering sensation on my stomach now...)

P1010605 P1010606

and i tabao an additional item... presented this to joelle and let her sniff sniff... and she got it right with only a sniff!!!


i meant... anyone would be able to sniff out 麦片虾 right?


alrighty, i really got to settle that warm tinkering sensation now!

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